Grand Re-opening of Direct Liquidation

I was at downtown St.Paul and I saw activity happening at the Direct Liquidation in St.Paul, Alberta, I heard that Jeff the Liquidator would be there and that we could meet him, so I decided to go and asked Jeff Schwarz if I could do a quick video with him to do some video marketing using the video we filmed together paired with Facebook marketing. I was a bit nervous and excited, cause I love watching his show on Tv. I told him I'd do the Facebook ad for free. I  ended up targeting people in the Lakeland area, places near St.Paul and St.Paul itself for the event the next day, which was on Saturday, June 23rd 2018. It was their GRAND RE-OPENING and their fourth Anniversary. 

I have no idea how many people went to the event, I'm hoping a lot of people saw this video Ad on their Facebook and went the next day.

I should have gone to go celebrate and see how many people went, but I was up late and stayed home. I later found out on Facebook that it had rained in St.Paul, apparently it had rained A LOT. So much, that I saw a video of main street that looked like it had 2 feet of water everywhere. Check it out below: