Steps for getting into Acting:


It's anywhere from $50 to $100 or so that's usually just a couple hours or so, a one day thing, but very important you know the rules of a Film/TV set. Google -----> "Set etiquette course......... (in your area, province or state)". Once you get that course you can add it to your Acting Resume.

2.Search Facebook Groups

Start finding Independant filmakers in your area to act for them. Search in FB for example if you're in Montana, search in FB search bar "Montana Actors group", "Montana Filmmakers group", etc. Like and join these groups. Independant filmmakers will be posting Casting notices and General call for Extras (Background), where you are just in the background in shots. This is a great way to get used to being on sets. Here's some popular Actor groups on FB you should join. Such as Casting Directors for Actors, where you can get tips, etc.  Someone there gave a good rule of thumb that I will post here, her name is Wendy. 


  • BG on Commercials and Film are fine. 
  • Stay completely away from BG on TV. 
  • If you want to be an actor on TV you should avoid all TV BG work- especially if you are already SAG-AFTRA, ACTRA.
  • If you do TV BG work only a handful of jobs in the very beginning of your career is fine. 
  • And never put any BG experience on an acting resume.

When you see audition notices on Facebook and you feel you could do the character they describe, email them and if they send you sides (which is a few lines from the full script) that you learn by heart to say it in character to the casting director either in a self tape, where you film your audition on your own camera or cell phone or in person in a room with a casting director which they film and show to the director and producers.  Usually the casting director chooses on their own from the 100s of actors they see, then the cd narrows it down to maybe 10 or so actors, those actors get a call back, a phone call to audition again, but this time in front of the director and sometimes producers, they then pick their favorite. Break a leg!

3. Acting Training

Like anything, you want to get training, whether it's 4 years at a University or just acting workshops. There are all types of training for different kinds of acting mediums and styles. All of them will help you become a stronger actor.